Why did I start this blog?

There are seemingly millions of blogs out there covering every topic imaginable.  Plus I already like to blog on Daily Kos.  It seems to me though that there is a derth of information out there on LGBT rights law yet it’s an area of great interest to many people, gay and straight alike.  I would say there’s a couple of reasons for this:

1.  It’s law.  I just went through three years of hell to get a JD and despite months of intensive study am still sweating it out waiting for my Bar results.  Law is difficult and complicated.  Unlike politics, not just anyone can spout off on politics.

2.  Most LGBT lawyers don’t do LGBT rights law.  That’s right.  Many of our best attorneys can be found practicing corporate law, tax law, and estates and trusts, often in private practice.  The great gay lawyers aren’t working at Lambda Legal or for the Human Rights Campaign.  They’re in Big Law, billing hours.  A lawyer who’s one of the finest tax lawyers in the country isn’t going to know a whole lot about LGBT rights just because he happens to be gay. 

My goal with starting up this blog is to provide a forum for LGBT rights law, a place to exchange information, debate strategy, and discuss major case law developments.


3 thoughts on “Why did I start this blog?

  1. SoCal,

    If you have time, could you put up a post about the hearing on standing from Sept. 6th? I haven’t been following since Judge Walker retired. Up here in WA state I’m focused on the R-71 ruling that should come out any day.

    Good luck on the bar results.



    • GH,

      Thank you. I’m still kinda starting up this blog (and it hasn’t been a high priority for me quite yet though it will be in the near future). I will definitely put up a post about the standing hearing.

      Which case do you refer to on R-71? I thought the Supreme Court had ruled in Doe v. Reed that it was constitutional to require the publication of those who signed the petitions.

      And thank you for the good wishes on the Bar!

      • Hi SoCal,

        Yes you’ve got that exactly right, it was argued in April 2010, and the opinion came out in June. Back to WA courts in Sept with motions to dismiss.

        Had to be worked through, since SCOTUS only addressed whether the signatures were private or public… The other questiom was whether the signers of the petition should be offered anonymity, and the petitions sealed, because of the possibility of retributive violence. 

        since July/August Judge Settle has been considering  motions for summary judgment and could make a decision before trial date of Sept 27. or not. ProtectMarriageWA (Doe) hasn’t produced evidence of danger or proof of harm (remote or imminent); their hundreds-page evidence-filing only documented vandalism in CA after Prop 8 passed in 2008!

        But, still waiting. If you’ve nothing to do, you can read it all yourself: 


        AG McKenna’s Supreme Court transcript is there too.Really good!
        Anyway, I’m working with a group that’s waiting on the ruling/trial so we can check the petition’s signatures, names, and addresses against the July 2009 voter rolls. Should be interesting.

        Good luck still, SoCal!


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